March 2020 – Anthony T. Buatti Pharmacy Residency Research Symposium


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Northwell Health: Danielle Cabral, PharmD, AAHIVP
North Shore University Hospital: Karen Chen, PharmD
NYU Winthrop: Juri Chung, PharmD
Plainview Hospital: Daniella Defonte, PharmD
St. Francis Hospital: Jessica El-Miniawi, PharmD
Stony Brook University Hospital: Tyler Maxwell, PharmD

Educational Objectives:

Danielle Cabral, PharmD, AAHIVP
• Explain the use of TNF inhibitors and their associated risk with HBV and TB reactivations
• Review the use of currently available TNF inhibitors and their mechanism of action

Karen Chen, PharmD
• Identify the prescribing trends of anticoagulants initiated at North Shore University Hospital for morbidly obese patients
• Evaluate the efficacy and safety of direct oral anticoagulants compared with warfarin inmorbidly obese patients

Juri Chung, PharmD
• Review existing data on the benefit of using ascorbic acid, hydrocortisone and thiamine in septic shock
• Evaluate the efficacy of adding on asorbic acid, hydrocortisone and thiamine compared to standard of care in patients with sepsis and septic shock in a 591-bed teaching hospital

Daniella Defonte, PharmD
• Describe how pharmacists can improve patient safety in the hospital by intervention on benzodiazepine de-prescribing
• Describe how benzodiazepine de-prescribing can lead to less benzodiazepine outpatient prescribing
• To evaluate melatonin as a possible agent for delirium prophylaxis in the intensive care unit

Jessica El-Miniawi, PharmD
• Discuss evidence-based recommendations regarding the duration of postoperative surgical prophylaxis folowing neurosurgical procedures with indwelling drains
• To evaluate the prophylactic antibiotic prescribing practices and postoperative infection rates
• To describe the role of the antimicrobial stewardship team in limiting postoperative antibiotic exposure

Tyler Maxwell, PharmD
• Define an antibiotic time-out
• Identify difficulties associated with antibiotic time-out implementation

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